November 29, 2019

Last year, when I received my acceptance letter to my dream school, I was over the moon. One of the first things I started researching wasn't which dorm I was going to choose or what dining plan to get, it was how I was going to be able to ride.

The university has an NCAA equestrian team, but I was (and still am) nowhere near that level.  I emailed the equine advisor to see about an IHSA (club level) team, but they were still w...

June 25, 2019

psst... products in this post were provided to me, but all opinions are my own!

One of the most important thing when preparing to enter the show ring, in any discipline or level, is looking clean, neat, and presentable. This includes having a clean and shiny horse!

I had fallen off minutes before this picture being taken, thus all the dirt on me, but look at how shiny he is! 

Photo Credits to James Goff Photography

My routine star...

June 11, 2019

Hello, I'm Becca and I am a saddle pad addict.

I lease one horse -- but I have saddle pads in almost every color. I have many with embroidery and patches (made by the lovely Bays and Blues Co. and Ellany Equestrian) and many that are just plain. I have more than I could ever need, but I love being able to match my outfits to my pads.

I have a bit of an unconventional way I wash my saddle pads. Washing them in my washing machine...

May 20, 2019

Sydney Rookes is a highschool student competing in the hunters and equitation. Sydney has many special horses in her life, one of which is her 12 year old gray Off The Track Thoroughbred gelding. Sydney has owned Prince for almost 2 years and together they competed in the 2'3 Long Stirrup division. He brought her far and helped improve her riding a horsemanship. Another special horse in Sydney's life is Chickpea. Sydney and he...

May 15, 2019

Cannon Padgett is a young equestrian competing in the hunter/jumper world. She has been riding for multiple years and is currently competing on her lease pony, Domino. Cannon and Domino currently show at Raleigh C shows and is hoping to go to some A shows soon. At their first show together, they won reserve champion! Cannon owns a pony named Cam as well, he is very sweet with a big personality but he is currently being leased...

May 12, 2019

Clara Dendtler is a young equestrian competing in the hunter/jumper world. Clara and her mare, Quinn, compete at Wills Park and Chatt Hills, but hope to show at Tryon and the Kentucky Horse Park soon. Quinn is a very special chestnut thoroughbred mare. She was trained at the track but never raced. Quinn is very sweet, and thinks every horse she meets is her best friend. Sadly, Quinn had to have colic surgery about a year ago a...

May 11, 2019

This week I had the opportunity to interview the creator of my favorite socks, Kristina Lake. Kristina Lake is the creative director and CEO of Dreamers & Schemers, a company which creates uniquely patterned socks.

Why did you start Dreamers & Schemers?

I started D&S because I grew up in the Hunters and Equitation and there was not much room for personal expression, silly socks are a conversation piece and they let you express y...

May 9, 2019

Lily Adams is a young equestrian who has ridden for 11 years. Lily has a medium pony named Brillo. Brillo has lots of experience and is teaching Lily lots. Lily says he "always wants attention!" Lily and Brillo show in the hunter/jumper world, mainly at Haras Hacienda. Lily also was on an Interscholastic Equestrian Association team this past year and made it to zones, almost qualifying for nationals! Lily's current goal is to...

May 7, 2019

If you know me, you know I love expressing myself in my ROOTD (Riding Outfit Of The Day). When it comes to my show outfit, I have to be a lot more subtle than my usual bright colors. That's where Dreamers & Schemers come in.

Photos courtesy of Rob Dendtler

In these photos, you can spot two of my favorite pairs of socks. Clara is wearing her unicorn D&S socks, which totally match her personality. I'm wearing my sloth socks, becau...

May 5, 2019

Rachel Kennedy is an equine veterinary student at Texas A&M University. She runs ManeStream Equine, where she writes about equine health and nutrition. Rachel owns a 17-hand OTTB named Tilly. Rachel has had Tilly for 10 years and they compete in the jumpers together. Rachel's short term goals include competing in the high adult classes with Tilly, while her long term goals include owning her own facility. You can find Rachel o...

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