Product Review: Noble Outfitters Bags

June 27, 2018

 Images courtesy of Noble Outfitters

I'm the first to say I love my stuff to match. Being my matchy-matchy self, I fell in love with this line of bags from Noble Outfitters! I'm going to go through each bag individually to explain all the details I love about each bag.


Just for Kicks Boot Bag

I love using my boot bag around the barn and at shows! It does a great job at keeping my boots clean and from being scuffed during travel. I use the pocket on the front to keep one of my pairs of spurs and a rag to clean my boots.


Bits 'N Pieces Bridle Bag

So, I'll be honest, I'm a bit obsessive about my show bridle. I keep it super clean, and I have a strict cleaning regiment for all my bits. I LOVE this bag as it keeps my show bridle clean! I also love that I can keep all my bits in the pocket on the front and that it holds two bridles, so I can throw my schooling bridle in it too for shows.


Ringside Pack


This bag is necessary for me. It holds everything from my crops to my gloves to baby wipes for my horses mouth. I use it on an everyday basis at the barn and always make sure to have it ringside at shows. I got lots of laughs at a show a couple of months ago because I was riding my horse to the ring from the barn and had the backpack on! This bag is a must-have for me, with all of its storage in an easily accesible bag,




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