An Interview with Ellany Equestrian's Liz Milaitis

July 14, 2018


This past week, I got to interview the owner of a brand I've always loved, Ellany Equestrian. Ellany Equestrian currently offers a wide selection of goods from saddle pads to belts! Ellany Equestrian manages to add a personalizing touch to any ROOTD (Riding Outfit of the Day), especially with the availability of most items to be monogrammed. 


Not only is Liz a fashionista, but shes a rider too! Liz started riding when she was about 7 years old. (Fun fact: the barn she started riding at was owned by Beezie Madden's parents!! How cool is that?) Like many of us, she too caught the horse bug. As a tween she became her trainer's junior rider and got the opportunity to show horses all over the midwest and east coast. When she was just 16, she found out that her chronic knee and ankle pain would need to be surgically corrected. She was told she would never ride again, but Liz refused to believe that. After her 7th surgery, her parents bought her an OTTB that got her back in the saddle after a long road to recovery. She has continued to have surgeries to try to correct her knee and ankle issues and is even getting knee replacements this fall! Liz currently leases one of her trainer's horses named Elvis, who may be a challenge but that just pushes her to work harder!


Liz decided to start her own equestrian business in 2016. Like many of us, she was looking for a way to pay her horse-related bills. Today, her favorite part of having her own small business is meeting customers and seeing her products out and about! Liz states that the hardest part of small business ownership is "staying organized and focusing on the bigger picture. It is easy to get lost in the details and get bogged down by orders, but learning how to stay on task to have at least somewhat of a social life/play with the ponies is super important." Since Liz has both a full time job and a small business, she truly is a superstar! Her biggest tips for anyone starting a small business is to stay organized and to not get discouraged at the beginning


Although the company is set to "re-launch" in September, her current favorite products are some of her belts, specifically the sushi d ring belt or the elastic belts. She loves the extra flare they can give any outfits! She says the products that are coming out in September are her true favorites, and I can't wait to see them!

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