Product Review: Flex-on Hunter Stirrups

September 13, 2018

Up until this week, I was riding in plain old peacock stirrups. Besides the looks, I really didn't understand the hype of more expensive stirrups. The Flex-On Hunter Stirrups proved me wrong in the first ride.


 An closeup shot of my new stirrups on my beloved saddle.


The first thing I noticed about these stirrups was how it was angled. The stirrups are angled to help keep your heel down and your toe up. I noticed a different almost instantly in how much easier it was to keep my heel down, and consequently keep my leg in the correct position while I jumped. 


Another thing the stirrups helped with is something I didn't even notice automatically. Normally during my rides, my lower back and at least one or both of my ankles hurt. These rides in my new stirrups, I've noticed very little to no pain in these areas. These stirrups boast shock absorbing pads to help relieve the shock from landing off of your ankle and consequently your lower back.


One concern that is often placed with non-traditional stirrups is that some worry that they are so light, they are not able to be picked up if you lose your stirrups while at the trot or canter. These stirrups are the perfect medium between lightweight and heavy in that they are still heavy enough to find if you lose them. A challenge I found with my old stirrups was when I dropped my stirrups, they repeatedly hit my ankles and my horse every step we took. With these stirrups, I could barely feel them, and Tyson didn't seem to mind them either. 


Overall, these stirrups are definitely the best I've ever ridden in. In only a few rides, I can tell a complete difference!


My unicorn, Tyson, modeling the Flex-on Hunter Stirrups in silver and gray. 


Note: These stirrups were provided to me by Flex-On North America. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. 



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