My Bathing Routine (feat. Exhibitor's Products)

June 25, 2019

psst... products in this post were provided to me, but all opinions are my own!


One of the most important thing when preparing to enter the show ring, in any discipline or level, is looking clean, neat, and presentable. This includes having a clean and shiny horse!


I had fallen off minutes before this picture being taken, thus all the dirt on me, but look at how shiny he is! 

Photo Credits to James Goff Photography


My routine starts with currying and brushing the loose dirt and hair off of my horse (in this case, Tyson). Then I turn the hose on and get him thoroughly wet, making sure to get his mane and tail too.  After this, I put some Quic Shampoo in a bucket and fill it with water. Taking a sponge, I make sure he is all shampooed on his body -- from head to tail. I use my hands to apply the shampoo to his mane and tail. I rinse him off, making sure to get all the Quic Shampoo off of his body and out of his mane and tail. 



After that, I apply my color treatment shampoos. Since Tyson's a bay with a sock and a coronet, I use the Quic Color (for chestnuts, bays, and sorrel horses) and the Quic Silver (for white, grey, and palomino horses). I make sure to use the Quic Color all on his body, scrubbing it into the hair, then I put the Quic Silver on his leg markings. I let it sit for around 6 minutes* before washing it all off. 

*the Quic Color and Quic Silver should sit for 5-10 minutes, with 10 minutes being the color-safe maximum. 


Once I've gotten all of the soap off of Tyson, I put some Quic Conditioner in a bucket and fill it with water. I use a sponge to spread the mixture all over his body before going back over it with a curry comb. After that I apply the conditioner full strength to his mane and tail, if he's not being braided the next day. I thoroughly rinse him off, making sure to get it all out. Then I sweat scrape him and dry him off, and voila! I have a clean and shiny horse!



A clean pony winning Regionals!


While you can use my bathing routine using many different products, I cannot recommend the Exhibitor's products enough. I have found they truly work on my horse, to the point where even after Tyson's rolled, a quick groom reveals the shine underneath the dirt. No matter what products you use, I hope you end up with a clean, shiny pony!



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