Dreamers & Schemers Review

May 7, 2019

If you know me, you know I love expressing myself in my ROOTD (Riding Outfit Of The Day). When it comes to my show outfit, I have to be a lot more subtle than my usual bright colors. That's where Dreamers & Schemers come in.



Photos courtesy of Rob Dendtler


In these photos, you can spot two of my favorite pairs of socks. Clara is wearing her unicorn D&S socks, which totally match her personality. I'm wearing my sloth socks, because I like my horses nice and slow. 



Not only are these socks fashionable, they are extremely comfortable and supportive! One of my main problem with most boot socks is how thin they are in the foot, but D&S solved this problem. The thicker foot keeps me from getting boot rubs when I'm wearing my boots all day at horse shows! I also love the black tops, as someone who has short legs, my boot socks often come all the way up to the top of my boots, and with these I don't have to worry about them popping out while showing. Overall, these socks are my favorite to wear to long horse shows, and I consider them my lucky socks! 


If you would like to snag your own pair of awesome socks, use code BITS for 10% off!








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