How I Wash My Saddle Pads

June 11, 2019

Hello, I'm Becca and I am a saddle pad addict.


I lease one horse -- but I have saddle pads in almost every color. I have many with embroidery and patches (made by the lovely Bays and Blues Co. and Ellany Equestrian) and many that are just plain. I have more than I could ever need, but I love being able to match my outfits to my pads.


I have a bit of an unconventional way I wash my saddle pads. Washing them in my washing machine had about killed my mother -- the amount of hair and dirt was unbearable. I had tried everything to get the hair off of them before throwing them in the wash, including using a hard brush, an air compressor, and a lint roller. Nothing was working until one day, we had our pressure washer out and I was getting ready to try to get all the hair off my pads to wash them. My dad suggested I try using it to wash my pads and I was amazed at the results.


Look at all that dirt and hair coming off! My saddle pads look brand new. Some of the really dirty ones still smell afterwards, so I'll throw them in the washing machine with some soap, but the washing machine is no longer filled with hair and dirt like it was before I started pressure washing them. 



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